1, Lesson 12, Unit 1, Grade 1, EngageNY icon
Fluency Activity

Slam: Partners to 6

Lesson 12. Unit 1. Grade 1 EngageNY

EngageNY10 min(s)

This Fluency Activity is a part of the Lesson 12, Unit 1, Grade 1. This activity addresses the core fluency objective for Grade 1 of adding and subtracting within 10. In this engaging context, be sure to help students focus on the mathematics of this activity. Tell students to order cards 0-6 on their desks, beginning with 0. Flash a 5-group card, and instruct students to "slam" the carwith the partner to 6. Tell students to say the partners they found when they hea a snap, beginning with the card they just slammed.

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