1, Lesson 1, Unit 5, Grade 1, EngageNY icon
Fluency Activity

Grade 1 Core Fluency Sprint

Lesson 1. Unit 5. Grade 1 EngageNY

EngageNY10 min(s)

This Fluency Activity is a part of the Lesson 1, Unit 5, Grade 1. For the remainder of the year, a portion of each lesson is devoted to either Core Fluency Sprints or Core Fluency Practice Sets. When Sprints are suggested, choose a Core Fluency Sprint that meets students' needs. All five Core Fluency Sprints are provided at the end of this lesson and are described below for easy reference. Prepare class sets or save the masters for later use because they are not included in future lessons. With each Sprint, notice how many problems most of the class is able to complete; discuss and celebrate improvement as students progress toward Grade 1's required fluency.

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