2, Lesson 4, Unit 5, Grade 1, EngageNY icon
Fluency Activity

Number Bond Addition and Subtraction

Lesson 4. Unit 5. Grade 1 EngageNY

EngageNY5 min(s)

This Fluency Activity is a part of the Lesson 4, Unit 5, Grade 1. This fluency activity addresses Grade 1's core fluency of sums and differences through 10 and strengthens understanding of the relationship between addition and subtraction. Some students may find this fluency activity challenging or need more time finishing problems. Scaffold tasks by carefully selecting the number of problems to be completed for certain partners. Give students who need a challenge a pair of dice, and have them choose a whole equal to or greater than 12 and roll the dice to find one of the parts. Assign partners of equal ability and an appropriate range of numbers for each pair.

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