Unit 5, Lesson 3, Grade 1 icon
Unit 5, Lesson 3

Find and name three-dimensional shapes including cone and rectangular prism, based on defining attributes of faces and points.

EngageNY 60 min(s)Support for English Language Learners

In this lesson, students explore the attributes of three-dimensional shapes. Along with the three-dimensional shape names learned in Kindergarten (sphere, cube, and cylinder), they expand their vocabulary to include cone and rectangular prism. Students are presented with models of three-dimensional shapes as well as real-life examples to sort and classify based on defining attributes. Then they complete sentence frames that help to distinguish defining attributes from non-defining attributes. For example, "A [can] is in the shape of the [cylinder]. It has circles at the ends just like all cylinders. This cylinder is made of metal, but some cylinders are not."

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