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Multiplication and Area


Supporting grades: 3

Description: In this 20-day module, students explore area as an attribute of two-dimensional figures and relate it to their prior understandings of multiplication. In Grade 2, students partitioned a rectangle into rows and columns of same-sized squares and found the total number by both counting and adding equal addends represented by the rows or columns. In Topic A, students begin to conceptualize area as the amount of two-dimensional surface that is contained within a plane figure. Topic A provides students' first experience with tiling from which they learn to distinguish between length and area by placing a ruler with the same size units (inches or centimeters) next to a tiled array. In Topic B, students progress from using square tile manipulatives to drawing their own area models. In Topic C, students manipulate rectangular arrays to concretely demonstrate the arithmetic properties in anticipation of the lessons that follow. Topic D creates an opportunity for students to solve problems involving area.

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