Unit 1, Lesson 12, Grade 3 icon
Unit 1, Lesson 12

Interpret the quotient as the number of groups or the number of objects in each group using units of 2

EngageNY 60 min(s)Support for English Language Learners

In this lesson, students continue learning to use tape diagrams to distinguish division situations where the quotient represents the size of each group (for example, "Two students equally share 8 crackers. How many crackers does each student get?"), and situations where the quotient represents the number of groups (for example, "Rosie has 8 lemon slices and puts 2 slices in each cup of iced tea. How many cups of iced tea does Rosie make?"). They also continue relating division sentences to multiplication to emphasize the concept of division as an unknown factor problem. This lesson focuses on division involving units of 2 in order to build familiarity with those facts.

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