Unit 1, Lesson 6, Grade 3 icon
Unit 1, Lesson 6

Multiply to find the areas of rectangles

North Carolina Department of Public Instruction 32 min(s)

By the end of the lesson students will be able to determine the area of a rectangle by counting square units, communicate the process of finding the area of a rectangle. Prior Knowledge Needed: Experiences exploring area and square units. If the book is not available, the teacher can set the following scenario: Sam wants to earn money for a new bike. Sam comes up with a plan to measure the lawns, called "Sneaker Squares." He counts the number of steps it takes to walk along the length and the width of the lawns, then multiplies the numbers to find the areas of the lawns. The teacher should demonstrate the way Sam counted his Sneaker Squares by walking heel to toe along the length of a rug or a wall.

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