Unit 6, Lesson 10, Grade 4 icon
Unit 6, Lesson 10

Use area models and the number line to compare decimal numbers, and record comparisons using <, >, and =.

EngageNY 60 min(s)

In this lesson, students use area models and the number line to justify their comparisons of decimal numbers and record comparisons with the <, >, and = symbols. (For example, they shade 0.15 and 0.51 on a hundredths grid to see which number has greater value.) In the process, they discuss the common misconception that comparing decimals is analogous to comparing whole numbers, so, for example, 4.38 must be greater than 4.5. By converting both numbers to the same units (for example, converting 4.5 to 4.50), they realize they are able to make accurate comparisons.

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