Unit 6, Lesson 2, Grade 4 icon
Unit 6, Lesson 2

Use metric measurement and area models to represent tenths as fractions greater than 1 and decimal numbers

EngageNY 60 min(s)

In this lesson, students investigate decimal fractions greater than 1. They use a centimeter ruler to draw lines that measure, for example, 2 4/10 or 6 8/10 centimeters, and recognize that those numbers can also be expressed in unit form as 24 tenths centimeters or 68 tenths centimeters. Then they represent decimal numbers using an area model and see that numbers containing ones and fractions (mixed numbers) can also be expressed using decimal notation (for example, 2.4 and 6.8). They also express mixed numbers in fraction and decimal form as a sum of some ones and some tenths (for example, 2 4/10 = 2 + 4/10 = 2.4 = 2 + 0.4).

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