Document Excerpt 4:  Categorical Data in Grade 3 (Pages 7-8) icon

Excerpt 4: Categorical Data in Grade 3 (Pages 7-8)

Progressions for the Common Core State Standards for MathematicsProgressions for the CCSSM: Categorical Data in Grades K-3 and Measurement Data in Grades 2-5

Description: One of a series of documents describing the progression of a topic across several grade levels, informed both by research on children's development and by the structure of mathematics. Students could discuss ways in which bar orientation (horizontal or vertical), order, thickness, spacing, shading, colors, and so forth make the bar graphs easier or more difficult to interpret. In Grade 3, the most important development in data representation for categorical data is that students now draw picture graphs in which each picture represents more than one object, and they draw bar graphs in which the height of a given bar in tick marks must be multiplied by the scale factor in order to yield the number of objects in the given category.

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