3, Lesson 10, Unit 2, Grade 5, EngageNY icon
Application Problem

How much should aprons cost?

Lesson 10. Unit 2. Grade 5 EngageNY

EngageNY6 min(s)

This Application Problem is a part of the Lesson 10, Unit 2, Grade 5. The fifth-grade craft club is making aprons to sell. Each apron takes 1.25 yards of fabric that costs $3 per yard and 4.5 yards of trim that costs $2 per yard. What does it cost the club to make one apron? If the club wants to make $1.75 profit on each apron, how much should they charge per apron? This problem requires students to not only use their Module 1 knowledge of decimal by single-digit multiplier, but also asks them to reason about a start unknown problem type.

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