3, Lesson 29, Unit 2, Grade 5, EngageNY icon
Application Problem

How much is a magazine?

Lesson 29. Unit 2. Grade 5 EngageNY

EngageNY8 min(s)

This Application Problem is a part of the Lesson 29, Unit 2, Grade 5. A one-year (52-week) subscription to a weekly magazine is $39.95. Greg calculates that he would save $219.53 if he subscribed to the magazine instead of purchasing it each week at the store. What is the price of the individual magazine at the store? This Application Problem uses concepts from Grade 5 Module 1 in the first step of the problem and division of decimals with group size unknown from Module 2 in the second step of the problem. A tape diagram or place value chart can be used to add the decimals.

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