Unit 3, Lesson 1, Grade 5 icon
Unit 3, Lesson 1

Shapes and Volume: Lesson 1 (Volume of Three-Dimensional Figures)

Match Fishtank 50 min(s)

In this lesson, students will understand volume as an attribute of solid figures that is measured in cubic units. Find the volume of concrete three-dimensional figures. Find the volume of rectangular prisms by counting unit cubes. Use correct units and notation when recording the volume of a three-dimensional figure, including cubic units, cubic centimeters. You might want to construct multiple open-top containers so that students can explore volume in a more hands-on way rather than the figures being presented at the front of the class. At each station, construct a figure with centimeter cubes with a volume less than or equal to 20 cubes. Make some of the figures rectangular prisms and others more irregular.

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