4, Lesson 15, Unit 5, Grade 6, EngageNY icon
Instructional Activity

Example 1: Other Solid Figures

Lesson 15. Unit 5. Grade 6 EngageNY

EngageNY10 min(s)

This Instructional Activity is a part of the Lesson 15, Unit 5, Grade 6. Assembled nets of each solid figure should be made available to students who might have difficulty making sharp, precise folds. All students may benefit from a working definition of the word lateral. In this lesson, the word side can be used (as opposed to the word base). English language learners may hear similarities to the words ladder or literal, neither of which are related nor make sense in this context. Provide student pairs with a set of nets for each of the following: right rectangular prism, triangular prism, tetrahedron, triangular pyramid (equilateral base and isosceles triangular sides), and square pyramid.

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