4, Lesson 2, Unit 8, Grade 7, OpenUp icon
Instructional Activity

Take a Chance

Lesson 2. Unit 8. Grade 7 Open Up Resources

Open Up Resources10 min(s)

This Instructional Activity is a part of the Lesson 2, Unit 8, Grade 7. In this lesson, students begin to move towards a more quantitative understanding of likelihood by observing a game that has two rounds with different requirements for winning in each round. The game is also played multiple times to help students understand that the actual number of times an outcome occurs may differ from expectations based on likelihood at first, but should narrow towards the expectation in the long-run. By repeating the process many times, students engage in MP8 by recognizing a structure beginning to form with the results. Activities in later lessons will more formally show this structure forming from the repeated processes.

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