Unit 9, Lesson 11, Grade 7 icon
Unit 9, Lesson 11

Building a Trundle Wheel

Open Up Resources 35 min(s)

Demonstrate how a trundle wheel is used to measure long distances. To build the trundle wheel, each group of 3-4 students will need 1 paper plate, a metal paper fastener, something long object to use as the handle, an index card, and tape. Ideally, have three different sizes of paper plates for different groups to work with (typical sizes are 6-12 inches) to help reinforce the point that the size of the plate affects how many "clicks" (rotations) it takes to measure the same distance. In the second lesson of the 4-lesson sequence, students build a trundle wheel, a device used to First, they learn about a trundle wheel and discuss how such a device works.

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