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Instructional Activity

Halve the Height

Lesson 17. Unit 5. Grade 8 Open Up Resources

Open Up Resources10 min(s)

This Instructional Activity is a part of the Lesson 17, Unit 5, Grade 8. This activity is similar to the previous (optional) one from a function point of view, but now students investigate the volume of a cylinder instead of a rectangular prism. Students continue working with functions to investigate what happens to the volume of a cylinder when you halve the height. The exploration and representations resemble what was done in the previous activity, and students continue to identify the effect of the changing dimension on the graph and the equation of this function. As groups work on the task, identify those who make the connection between the graph and equation representations, and encourage groups to look for similarities and differences between what they see in this activity and what they saw in the previous activity. Invite these groups to share during the whole-class discussion.

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