4, Lesson 33, Unit 4, Grade K, EngageNY icon
Application Problem

Ants on a blanket

Lesson 33. Unit 4. Grade K EngageNY

EngageNY5 min(s)

This Application Problem is a part of the Lesson 33, Unit 4, Grade K. You are going to play a game with your partner. Partner A, pretend your linking cubes are ants and your paper is a picnic blanket. Count your ants, and put them all on the picnic blanket. Now, pretend some of the ants crawled off the blanket. Slide some of your ants off the blanket to show the ones that crawled away. Partner B, your job is to make a number bond showing the 9 ants that were on the blanket, the ones that stayed, and the ones that crawled away.

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