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Attributes of Two-Dimensional Figures


Supporting grades: 3

Description: In Topic B, students use their understanding of geometry from Grade 2 to explore quadrilaterals. In Lesson 4, they learn that different shapes have shared attributes that can fall within a larger category (parallelograms, quadrilaterals, and trapezoids). While students analyze the attributes of given shapes in Lessons 4 and 5, in Lesson 6 they draw shapes based on given attributes. For example, students may be asked to draw a quadrilateral with at least two right angles and talk about which shapes are possibilities. In Lesson 7, students work with tetrominoes. They use grid paper to construct a set, then reason about how to create larger shapes, such as rectangles, using them. Lesson 8 guides students through the process of decomposing, and then reconstructing, the original square using the seven puzzle pieces. In Lesson 9, students learn to analyze relationships between tangram pieces.

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